How to shop

How to shop at Wax by Lisse

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1. Before you can even make any orders at our website, you need to register an account. If you have not do so, click Here to register one.


2. Browse the categories and choose the voucher of your choice.


3. Add the selective voucher to you shopping cart.


4. Click the Shopping Cart link on the menu or the top right page and you can get to see the order you have just added to your shopping cart.


5. At this point, you can either Continue shopping or Checkout.


6. At the Checkout screen, please be sure of the product you are buying before clicking on the Confirm button.


7. Once the Confirm button have been clicked, the order will be process over our end.


8. You will receive a confirmation email once the order have been placed.


9. Make a bank transfer of the amount you have bought with us and send us a Payment Submission Here once you have transferred to us.


10. The process will take at least 1 working day to processed. You will receive an email with the voucher once the payment confirm over our end.