1. Is shopping online safe?
A. Yes, shopping with us is safe as no credit card information is compromise here. We only accept bank transfer for now.


2. What kind of payment do you accept?
A. Currently we are only accepting Bank Transfer, as most transactions in Indonesia are done through bank transfer. If credit card payment in higher demand in the near future, we might implement it in our cart.


3. Why can't i buy a voucher?
A. You have to register with us before purchasing any voucher on the website. You can register Here if you have not do so.


4. I have just bought a voucher, what should i do next?
A. After you have "Confirm Order", you should follow the "Bank Transfer Instruction" with the bank account number provided and make a transfer to us. After you have made the transfer, please submit a "Payment Submission" Here.


5. I have press the "Confirm Order" button too fast and i missed the Bank transfer Instruction, how can i know where to transfer to?
A. Here is our bank account details -     

     Bank - BCA
     Account Name - Lydia Tam
     Account No. - 2903850078

6. Ok, i have made the transfer through bank transfer, how long will i receive my voucher and via what mode?
A. After you have make a bank transfer, please submit a ticket to us Here and wait for a confirmation email through the email you register on this site. It usually takes 1 to 2 working days for the voucher to be emailed to you but most of the time you will receive your voucher within 12 hours of your payment confirmation. Depends on how long the payment is processed.


7. Once i have received my voucher, do i have to bring it along with me during my treatment?
A. Yes, the voucher should at all times, printed out and present it to our counter staff upon your treatment here.


8. I have got the voucher but i have forgotten to bring it during my treatment. Can i still carry on with my treatment?
A. Sorry you can't, the voucher will always be a prove of your purchase and with the treatment indicated with serial no. on it. We hope to minimize on fraud cases which other people have access to the customer's email and using their voucher for free treatment.


9. Is there a expiry date for the voucher i purchase?
A. No, the voucher you have purchased does not comes with an expiry date unless there's one indicated on it.


10. Is the voucher transferable? I have no time and want to let me friend have it instead.
A. Yes, it's transferable. Unless a name is indicated on it just for that recipient.