Credit Card

FAQ - Credit Card


1. Can i use credit card for my purchases?
A. Yes, you can. We accept credit card payment on our website.


2. Why can't i make an payment using my credit card? It gave me error "The totals of the cart item do not match the total amount".
A. The error is due to the Rupiah and USD currency do not match. You have to change to USD. Refer to the image 1.1 below.


3. Why can't the credit card merchant accept Indonesia Rupiah?
A. Internet merchant like Paypal do not accept Indonesia Rupiah, that is why the transacted amount will be in USD only.


4. I purchase using credit card paid in USD, so how will my bank charge me?
A. Whatever amount in USD you purchase from us, the bank will have their most updated exchange rate during the purchased time and will convert the amount into Rupiah on your statement.


5. Why is the conversion rate slightly different from the bank?
A. Our exchange rates are updated weekly based on the most accurate rates in the market but bank rates are hourly and the conversion are based on the time of transaction.


6. Do i have to submit the "Payment Submission" form after my transaction went through?
A.  No, you don't have to cause credit card payment is direct transaction and no confirmation is needed.


Image 1.1