Right wax for the right application

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Right wax for the right application

Wax basically falls into two main categories: Hard wax and Soft wax. Choosing which wax to use is generally based upon the area being waxed, as well as skin type, thickness of the hair and also the level of sensitivity. When choosing a wax, quality is very important and could drastically affect the results. So what are the difference between the two  wax?

Hard Wax is a strip-less wax used in sensitive areas such as the bikini or face. The hard wax we use is chemically designed to bind and wrap around the hair making it easier to remove from the root. Our premium grade hard wax will not bind to your skin, rather, it will wrap around the hairs instead reducing the chances of skin irritation. Hard wax is designed to remove hair in the pubic area, making it ideal for almost every body’s skin type.

When it comes to the body, soft wax is more commonly used for areas such as the arms, legs, and upper bodyStrip wax, or most call soft wax, is efficient when covering large  areas that are not as sensitive or prone to irritation due to the thickness of the skin. Strip wax tends to be more sticky and tacky and is better for fine hair, which is why hard  wax are preferred for the bikini area.

Many salons use strip wax in the bikini area instead of hard wax , here we specialize in hard waxing for Brazilian and those sensitive areas which is why we are different! Hard wax is significantly more expensive for suppliers to purchase, making it less popular in standard salons. Application of hard wax is a little more difficult but with the right expertise and knowledge, hard wax is a much better option for hair removal. 

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